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Speciality: Cartomancy
Divinatory support: Oracle
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Susan I am a woman who can be described as a hyperactive person, my children are always telling me that they are tired just by seeing me in action. I like gardening, reading, poetry, tennis but these are hobbies. My true passion, the one I can not do without, remains clairvoyance and this unique bond that we create with the people who consult us and open to us. and the enormous feeling of satisfaction I get once I know that I helped someone change their life for the better.
Reviews about Susan
Claude Rating: Publication date: 6/28/18

Very nice. Easy to talk to.
She hit home on the concerns of my heart and gave great guidance. I will talk to her again.

Steeve Rating: Publication date: 5/4/18

I love that she prayed before we began and sought God For answers each time I asked a question.

Beatrice Rating: Publication date: 4/5/18

Very fun to talk to, and very insightful! I really enjoyed Suzan, she was straight forward and amazing.

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