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General Sales Conditions

1. Object

These General Terms of Use (GTU) are intended to govern the use by users of the Provider's website and associated Services.

The Provider may modify these GTU at any time. The user will be invited to read and accept the new provisions of the GTU. In case of refusal by the latter, the Provider will unsubscribe the user and delete the User Account at the end of the current Services execution (end of month for a subscription).

The Provider offers Divinatory Arts Services via the website. The practice of divination is an art and in no way resembles an exact science. It is a means of entertainment and leisure, of which the user acknowledges being fully aware.

Consequently, no user can claim that predictions are completely reliable, nor can their realization be guaranteed.

2. Definitions

Provider: KG COM owns and operates the website. Company form: SAS - registered with RCS LYON 538 563 917 - Registered office: 40 rue de Bruxelles, 69100 Villeurbanne, France.

Consultants: consultants are the employees or collaborators who execute the Services on the Internet site.

User account: corresponds to the personal space of each user on the Site. Users access it via a password and an identifier that are strictly personal and confidential to them. The User Account allows the user to have an identity and interact with the Consultants on the website.

user: any Participant benefiting from the execution of a Service. Any natural person who has full legal capacity in accordance with French law and is at least 18 years old, or any legal person, who registers on the website.

Services: the paid or free services provided to website users by the Consultants.

3. Registration and Access to Website Services

Registration on the website is free.

The user undertakes to fill in all the mandatory fields of the form by providing accurate information.

The user fills in the information below for registration:


E-mail address

Password to connect to the website

Telephone number

Credit card information

Name, first name, date of birth

Home address

This information may be modified at any time by the user.

Upon validation of the registration by the Provider and acceptance of these TOU by the user, a registration confirmation message is sent to the user's email address.

The provision by the user of erroneous, incomplete, misleading and/or third-party information at the time of registration is the user's responsibility. In this case, the Provider is entitled to immediately delete the User Account.

The telecommunication costs allowing access to the Services remain the exclusive responsibility of the users.

The configuration required to use the Website Services is :

Javascript activation;

acceptance of cookies;

acceptance of pop-up windows display.

The Provider recommends downloading the most recent version of the Internet browser.

4. Obligations and Liability of the User

In using the Services, the user undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations in force.

The user himself defines the scope of his private life that he wishes to disclose to the Consultant and only informs the information concerning him.

The user is solely responsible for the information or content he provides or edits.

When using the Services offered, the user may choose to send the Consultant with whom he exchanges photographs. The user may, at any time, decide to modify or delete said photographs in his User Account. In all cases, photographs will only be accessible to Consultants with whom the user corresponds in the context of the Services.

Photographs depicting a topless, nude, sexual user or a minor under 18 years of age are expressly prohibited.

Before sending a photograph of a Third Party to a Consultant, the User must have the written consent of the Third Party concerned.

Before sending a photograph of a minor to a Consultant, the user, if he is not the parent or guardian, must have a written agreement from the parents or guardian of the minor.

Any comments or contents of the user that contravene the rights of others or are defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting to violence, political, racist or xenophobic and in general any comments or contents contrary to laws and regulations in force or morality are expressly prohibited.

The distribution, in any form whatsoever, of information or content incorporating links to third party sites that are illegal and/or contrary to good morals is expressly prohibited.

The "Anonymous" function for comments left after a communication hides the user's nickname only for other users of the website but not for the Provider.

The user is prohibited from requesting a Consultant to provide services similar or of the same nature as the Services outside the website.

The user undertakes not to disseminate the content of exchanges and messages (recordings or written transcriptions) sent directly to them in the context of the Services.

The user undertakes not to use the website or the Services for the purpose of organising rallies or demonstrations.

In the event of non-compliance by the user with one of the present provisions of the GTU, the Service Provider reserves the right to delete the disputed content or purpose, to immediately delete the User Account and to initiate any legal action that may prove necessary.

Deleting a User Account does not authorize the creation of a new User Account.

In the event that the Provider's liability is sought because of a breach by a user of legal and regulatory obligations or arising from these GTU, the latter undertakes to indemnify the Provider against all claims and convictions that may be made against it arising from the breach attributed to the user.

5. Provider's Obligations and Liability

When providing the Services, the Service Provider undertakes to :

communicate with tact, seriousness and caution in order to enlighten the user;

respect the utmost confidentiality on the information entrusted by the user;

not to make predictions concerning the health, death or physical appearance of the user and/or third parties;

do no occult work (spell-breaking, witchcraft, black magic).

The Service Provider undertakes to provide users with Services that comply with the rules of art and legislation.

The Provider is not responsible for cases of fraud, identity theft, invasion of privacy of third parties and any other criminal offences committed by users or third parties, through the website and the Services made available to them.

The Service Provider reserves the right to keep records of any content or action of a user, which may constitute an offence, in order to make them available to the administrative or judicial authorities in the event of a dispute.

The Service Provider does not guarantee that the Services or the Internet site will be usable in the event of failure of the user's Internet access provider or in the event of non-functioning or poor access conditions caused by Internet network congestion and any other external reasons of a force majeure nature.

The Service Provider does not guarantee that the Services or the Website will be usable in case of maintenance operations of its network and/or its hardware and software components.

The Provider will notify users by email of any interruption or significant deterioration affecting the Services, it being specified that the Provider cannot guarantee any delay for the resumption of said Services.

Under no circumstances may the Website Services offered by the Service Provider be considered as consulting activities. They are intended solely for the entertainment of users.

The Service Provider does not have the technical means to:

verify the identity and age of registered users,

Moderate content,

control the content of information, statements and messages published by users.

The Provider cannot be held responsible for acts of any nature, illegal or liable to criminal sanctions, committed by users when using the Website Services.

6. Description - Prices - Termination of Services

The Services are provided by the Provider through an instant exchange of text messages with a Consultant.

The user is informed of the rate associated with each of the Service offers.

Services are available:

Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM

The Service Provider cannot guarantee the user the immediate availability of a Consultant and the benefit of the Services. As soon as a Consultant is available, the user can be notified if he wishes.

Prior to the purchase of a Service, the user acknowledges being informed of the methods of calculating the price, indicated per minute or per question.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure the duration or number of questions of the Service from which he benefits.

The Services offered by the Provider, expressed in minutes (hereinafter min.) or in questions, are as follows: Chat Tour

Discovery Services :

Standard 19,99$ for 5 minutes

Standard 59,99$ for 15 minutes

Standard 119,99$ for 30 minutes

Standard 159,99$ for 45 minutes

Standard 199,99$ for 60 minutes

Standard 299,99$ for 120 minutes

Discovery offer: 5 minutes of free chat

The Tarot en Direct site no longer offers a monthly subscription. The user will only be able to choose to credit or not his user account at the end of the offer discovered additional minutes. At the end of the discovery offer, the Service Provider therefore offers different re-credit rates corresponding to a number of chat minutes.

Service price :

3.99$ per minute

The Discovery Services benefit is valid only once per User Account.

7. Payment method - Invoice

The user must proceed to the payment of the Services before their consumption on the Internet site by bank card, by informing the information appearing there.

If the user is not the cardholder, he confirms that he has already obtained the cardholder's agreement to the payment of the Services that will be consumed.

Payment for the Services by the user will be made through a secure payment service.

The user expressly agrees that the bank data collected may be stored securely for payment of the Services.

The user can change his bank details by going to his "My account" section.

After the execution of the Services, the Service Provider will send the user an invoice containing the following summary data: date of the transaction, user's name and identifier, postal address, detailed account of the Services, the amount paid including all taxes.

8. Right of withdrawal

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal for Services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period

Pursuant to Article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the user is informed that the right of withdrawal may not be exercised for Services fully performed before the end of the fourteen (14) day period, which is expressly the case for Paid Discovery Services, and whose execution began after prior express agreement by the user and express waiver of his right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal cannot therefore be exercised for a re-crediting service as soon as the user has started to consume the service on which he wishes to have his withdrawal period exercised.

The express agreement of the immediate and total execution of the Service before the end of the withdrawal period of fourteen (14) days and the express waiver of the right of withdrawal of the user is collected by the Provider on an online form, before payment for the said Service.

Terms of withdrawal of Services whose execution began with the agreement of the user before the end of the withdrawal period: (Unit Services)

Pursuant to Article L. 121-21-5 of the Consumer Code, if the user wishes that the execution of a Service begins before the end of the fourteen (14) day withdrawal period, which is expressly the case for Subscriptions and Services to the Unit, the Provider collects his express request on an online form.

The user who has exercised his right of withdrawal from a Service whose performance has begun, at his express request, before the end of the withdrawal period will pay the Service Provider an amount corresponding to the Service consumed until the communication of his decision to withdraw; this amount is proportionate to the total price of the Service agreed.

In case of withdrawal by the user, the Service Provider will refund the amount of the Service not consumed, no later than fourteen (14) days from the day from receipt of the user's withdrawal decision. The Provider will refund using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction, unless the user expressly agrees to a different means (bank transfer, check).

The user has the right to withdraw from the Service without giving any reason within fourteen (14) days.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the user must notify the Service Provider of his decision to withdraw from the Service by means of:

An acknowledgement of receipt of the withdrawal

of the form located in the "Withdrawal" tab of the User Account,

an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the date of issue being taken into account, to the address of the Service Provider: KG COM, 40 rue de Bruxelles, 69100 Villeurbanne.

will be sent to the user by email.

9. Personal Information

The Provider is concerned about the privacy of users and the protection of information that is transmitted and complies with the laws and regulations in force regarding the protection of privacy.

The website collects personal information from users. The Supplier has made a prior declaration to the CNIL registered under number 1916425.

In accordance with Article 34 of Law No. 78.17 of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, known as the Data Protection Act, each user has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete his personal data, by:

the form located in the "information" tab of the User Account,

by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected] ,

by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the date of issue being taken into account, to the address of the Service Provider: KG COM, 40 rue de Bruxelles, 69100 Villeurbanne.

The user may also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning him.

The personal data collected are not marketed by the Service Provider.

Bank details or means of payment allowing the purchase of Services are collected and kept securely by the Provider.

Personal data are used by the Service Provider for the purposes of providing the Services and for establishing contact between the user and the Consultant, as well as for billing purposes.

Users agree that their personal data collected during registration may be transmitted to the Consultant. The e-mail address, password to connect to the website, telephone number, credit card information, home address are not accessible to Consultants.

The user's personal data may be communicated by the Provider upon judicial, police or administrative authorities' request without the user being able to object.

10. Intellectual Property

The KG COM brand and brand, logos, graphics, photographs, images, animations, sounds, videos, texts contained on the website as well as the domain name of the said website are the exclusive property of the Provider, and may not be reproduced, used, exploited or represented, in part or in whole, in any form whatsoever, without express authorisation, under penalty of legal proceedings.

The rights of use granted to users worldwide are reserved exclusively for private and personal use in connection with the use of the Website Services.

The user agrees not to modify, copy, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, market and distribute in any way whatsoever the Services, the pages of the Internet site, or the computer codes of the elements composing the Services and the Internet site.

11. Confidentiality

The Service Provider undertakes to respect and ensure respect by its employees and collaborators for the strict confidentiality of information and documents, whatever their form (in particular oral, paper, digital, audio, video, etc.) or their content, provided to it by users.

In particular, the Service Provider shall not use the information and documents on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties.

The Service Provider undertakes to :

information and documents are protected and kept strictly confidential,

that the information and documents are not disclosed or likely to be disclosed directly or indirectly to any third party.

This commitment is made by the Service Provider without time limit.

12. Severability

If one or more of the clauses of these GTU should prove void for any reason whatsoever, the validity of the other clauses will in no way be affected or interrupted.

13. No waiver

The fact that the Provider does not invoke a breach by a user of any provision of these GTU shall not be construed as a tolerance or a waiver on its part to invoke such breach in the future.

14. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from the execution of these GTU shall be subject to French law, the language of interpretation of these GTU being the French language.

Disputes arising out of or in connection with the relationship with a User shall be submitted to the courts of the User's usual place of residence if the User is a consumer or to the courts of the Provider's registered office if the User is a professional.

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