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Charter of ethics

All our psychics have a recognized experience in clairvoyance, they make good use of their unpretentious skills and dogmatism to accompany each consultant to the evolution of his own.

Obligation of good character :

Our psychics commit themselves to exercise their activity with sincerity, loyalty and objectivity. They respect the physical, personal, religious, spiritual and political boundaries of the consultant. They work in accordance with Human Rights and French Legislation.

Obligation of means :

The psychics are required to use their knowledge, put their skills and clairvoyance at the service of their consultants during consultations. However, they can not state certainties, nor guarantee the accuracy of their predictions.

Obligation to respect :

The psychics undertake not to engage in stagings or maneuvers likely to abuse the trust or naivety of consultants in situations of weakness or fragility. They proscribe any practice relating to superstition. They do not benefit in any case from the confidence and power they are invested by their consultants. They also undertake to respect the free will of their consultants and formally forbid themselves to exert any influence on them.

Obligation of Confidentiality :

LEDs are subject to professional secrecy and the rules of confidentiality. Under no circumstances may they disclose personal information about a consultant directly or indirectly to anyone. They undertake not to use the personal information of a consultant for purposes other than in the practice of their profession. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of their consultants, they undertake not to make any contact with them for personal purposes in any way whatsoever.

Loyalty obligation :

The psychics make the commitment to inform their consultants at the end of the consultation time chosen. They refrain from putting in financial difficulty a consultant in a precarious situation. They propose a period of consultation according to the needs of their consultants without abusing them.

Liability obligation :

The psychics do not practice any consultation with a minor. They respect the limit of skills and do not hesitate to refer their consultants to specialized professionals. They are committed to not predicting events related to the health field. They formally forbid themselves to establish any medical diagnosis.

Obligation of competence :

The psychics undertake to respond explicitly to any consultant asking them about the nature of the media they use. They also undertake not to refer to occult works (witchcraft, magic, disembowelement ...) during their consultations and refrain from any practice of this kind.

Obligation of Humility :

The psychics undertake not to denigrate a confrere or tarnish his image in order to attract a consultant

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