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Speciality: Cartomancy
Divinatory support: Marseille Tarot
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Nikita I'm from Russia, my name is Nikita. I'm a cartomancy specialist who's been practising for over 15 years. My reputation is worldwild and many celebrities have consulted me. Do not hesitate to contact me, my reading are always accurate and relevant.
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TexasQueen73 Rating: Publication date: 3/7/19

An incredible pyschic with a genuine gift!

KelliDnv Rating: Publication date: 3/3/19

I was really sceptical at first and then I realised that Nikita was here to help me, she's been like a firend, always giving good advices, and being frank to me.. Love u dear Nikita

Larasha177 Rating: Publication date: 3/1/19

Amazing!!!! So accurate! He's back just like you said

Jordannn Rating: Publication date: 2/26/19

I wish I met you for real, god knows what you can do when the person is physically here, you've done so much for me already.. Thx from the bottom of my heart

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