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Speciality: Cartomancy
Divinatory support: Oracle
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Jozette I am Jozette, I retired from teaching. For me, the transmission of knowledge is essential, that's how I am fulfilled. It is often said of me that I am radiant. I was flattered by this compliment but I feel this radiation, this development in everyday life especially since I started chatting with you all. I have been drawing cards for almost 30 years. Today, my retirement allows me to devote myself fully and it is with happiness that I will respond to your needs...
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lili Rating: Publication date: 4/7/18

JOzette is my go to when needing to gain clarification of what my guides need for me to know. thank you so much :) Rating: Publication date: 2/4/18

Jozette, I really enjoyed your style, delivery, and accuracy with details. Thank you

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