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Speciality: Pendulum
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James My name is James, I’m a pendulum specialist. I started practicing at the age of 19, at first non-officially then i made it my full time job, it is so amazing the feeling that pendulum provides while communicating with it, that I’m always doing my best so you can feel it as well. Also, I sometimes use the oracles when the answers provided by the pendule need to be clarified. I intend to answer your questions and fit your needs as much as possible, after all, everyone deserves to know what the future holds.
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Sue Rating: Publication date: 7/18/18

Thanks a lot! Brilliant and very accurate!

Martin Rating: Publication date: 3/4/18

Whoa! Amazing, I knew before i started that I could trust James and i’m absolutely not disappointed! It all happened, everything he told me!

Alex Rating: Publication date: 1/6/18

Big thank you to James, all his validations were correct and looking forward to other predictions happening!

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