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Speciality: Runes
Divinatory support: Gé Oracle
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Alyssa Since I was a kid my mother was Always worried because of dreams I had, dreams in which I saw the future. My uncle once went to Jamaica, when I went to ask my mother why he wanted to leave, she said that it was nonsens and that he would have told her, 2 hours later my uncle called her to annouce his departure. Along with time I've learnt to control my gift and I'm now able to provide you with very accurate answers on whatever topics you wish to know about.
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Brandon Rating: Publication date: 1/13/19

Just impressing, I've Always been sceptical about these things, but I admitt that I was stunned. Everyting happened, and my sister came back as you said! Thank you so much

Michael Rating: Publication date: 12/16/18

I want to talk with you about these dreams, I think I'm able to see the future in them as well

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