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William hello everyone, my name is William and I am a fortune teller, I use the famous Tarot of Marseille which has been in my bag for many years now. Since I got these cards from my grandfather I couldn't leave them anymore and I think I will never do that. For me the cartomancy is the story of a lifetime and a powerful ally to see more clearly in a troubled period. and the advice of the cards is very useful in those situations. it is my pleasure to perform my role as an interpreter to transmit to you all that the cards have to say to you.
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Helen. P Rating: Publication date: 6/9/18

William took a load off of me. He understood what I was talking about. I didn't tell her what I wanted to hear but he was able to tell me what I wanted to hear. Thank you

Lilian Rating: Publication date: 4/7/18

I have to tell you that William is one of the most consistent and reliable readers you have. thank you so much

Jill V Rating: Publication date: 3/17/18

Thank you so much. I feel better after speaking with you !

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