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Speciality: Pendulum
Divinatory support: Oracle Gé
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Thomas It's my mother who made me discover her passion for clairvoyance and tarology since I was little. She practices cards since her childhood with my grandmother. It was obvious that I would inherit her passion. I am really fulfilled that I did. My draws are amazingly accurate and precise, that is mainly because I involve all my spirit while doing it.
Reviews about Thomas
Anna-T Rating: Publication date: 7/9/18

Very impressed! I received the crystal clear info I needed.

Dylan R Rating: Publication date: 5/23/18

Honestly I enjoyed my reading. Only time will tell thank you. I will be giving you a call again soon.

Gigi-PL Rating: Publication date: 5/19/18

This is the 2nd time I called he is very accurate, tunes right in and gives you straight forward detail answers!

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