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Speciality: Tarology
Divinatory support: Tarot of Marseille
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Oscar My name is Oscar. I am a curious person of nature, I am interested in everything, I like to innovate and learn. I live my passion for clairvoyance, and I can not see myself living without it today. I am very passionate to work with different people and do my best to help them make their lives much better and happier.
Reviews about Oscar
Anonymous Rating: Publication date: 5/6/18

Told me what I had in my mind already and told me about a future relationship. Will get back to you on that one.

Doug C Rating: Publication date: 2/2/18

He is direct, polite and explicit. Thank you Oscar

SAggi Rating: Publication date: 1/20/18

Didnt think it was going to happen....but it did. just as he predicted great car and much lower price then my first. thank you.

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