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Speciality: Clairsentient, Clairvoyant
Divinatory support: None
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Norma Hello, my name is Norma, I’m a clairsentient psychic, which means that I’m able to feel the emotional waves of the person I’m talking with without being personally affected by these emotions, I don’t need any support such as crystal ball or Tarot to do my readings. I’ve always felt that something was different in me, and it’s only when I met a famous psychic in Long Island that I discovered what I was capable of. She’s taught me everything I know and since then, I’ve never left a customer unsatisfied of my prestations.
Reviews about Norma
Andrew Rating: Publication date: 1/12/19

It’s been 4 months since I had my first chat with Norma, and she’s always been so kind to me. My wife and I were about to get a divorce, but she’s helped us out.. She’s more than a psychic to me, she’s more like a friend now.
PS: We’ve chosen the name Tricia for our daughter

Anna Rating: Publication date: 12/17/18

An angel-like woman who’s given so much of her time to help an old lady enjoy her old days. I wish you all the best

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