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Speciality: Crystallomancy
Divinatory support: Crystal Ball
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Moira My name is Moira, I’m a 56 years old fortune teller, teaching history on my spare time. I am passionate with books and all the knowledge they contain as well as all the comfort they provide. I inherited my crystallomancy gift from my grandmother and have always wanted to help people going forward throughout my life, I hope you’ll trust me, at least as much as I trust you .
Reviews about Moira
Andrew Rating: Publication date: 9/9/18

Such a wise woman, everything she predicted somehow happened, even though it might have taken time, she was always right, and now i couldn’t thank her enough!

Ben Rating: Publication date: 5/8/18

I’m in contact with Moira since 3 months now, and everything seems so much clearer since then!

Nelly88 Rating: Publication date: 12/11/17

She told me I’d meet someone who would change my life, I was desperate and obviously didn’t believe her, and look! Now I’m married and 2 months pregnant just as she said!

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