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Speciality: Cartomancy
Divinatory support: Oracle
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Mary My name is Mary. I have been a retiree for only a few months. I have an hyper active soul, I love doing a lot of activities to make myself useful. It is in my nature and having raised 4 children did not settle this character trait. I draw cards since I was 20 years old to my friends, my family. Today I put myself at your disposal and I hope to contribute to your happiness.
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Frank Rating: Publication date: 6/18/18

Just wanted to say thank you for your insight and your readings over the year.
You've been so good Thank you!

Tara Rating: Publication date: 4/3/18

Thank you so much Mary. She was absolutely spot on and fantastic. Looking forward to consult her again.

Jacky L Rating: Publication date: 3/5/18

Thank You Mary your reading was fun and 80%accurate and very informative you are a good listener.

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