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Ethan I'm Ethan, my 5 Brothers and I were raised by our single mother in St Louis. My mother was a local psychic and many people used to visit her to solve their sentimental issues. She once told me that we had this gift in our family for centuries. Today I am the one who perpetuates the tradition. I will help you to move on, and be confident for what is to come, no matter what it takes.
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Diamond Rating: Publication date: 1/6/19

Thx from the Bottom of my heart, you're a great man, so understanding and kind, I hope you will help others find their way as you did with me

Kennedy Rating: Publication date: 11/7/18

What an amazing pyschic! I wish I were in St louis to visit you, I was stunned by your accuracy! Thank you so much for helping me out!

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